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Spin the Wheel
Moksa University will be reopening on Dreamwidth in the near future as a panfandom university dressing room at [community profile] moksa_university.

All community entries (from both moksa_u and mu_log) have been moved over via the community import process. Former players can edit any entry they created by logging in with Dreamwidth's OpenID function, or can contact moksa.mods at Gmail to request an entry be taken down. Once everything has been set up and taken care of, the original Livejournal communities will be scrapped.

(no subject)
Who:  Noa, open
What:  Christmas decorating. It's fun!
Where:  Edge of the woods
When:  During the Mistletoe Event
Rating:  PG

Just in case campus wasn't festive enoughCollapse )

(no subject)
Who:  Frau and Rangiku
What:  Mistletoe fun
Where:  Cafeteria
When:  Somewhere in the early days of the mistletoe event
Rating:  PG?

Just a little kissCollapse )

(no subject)
Who: Kobato, Anita
When: When Anita finally arrives to her dorm
Where: At the dormitories, her room.
What: Anita's new, and she's going to dump all her stuff in her room before launching out again, and to visit her new roommate, Kobato, whom she doesn't know is sharing a room with her.
Rating: G, probably, and no higher?

No, no, she wasn't thinking too much...Collapse )

(no subject)
Who: Anzu, Yuugi
When: Tuesday, Nov 30th, afternoon
Where: Bookstore, maybe elsewhere
What: Shopping! Anzu needs STUFF, and drags her boyfriend. Just like a normal couple.
Rating: Pft, G.

Shopping time!Collapse )

(no subject)
Who: Rangiku, Frau
When: current time
Where: Somewhere outside
What: A meeting and a misunderstanding
Rating: No higher than PG-13 I would think, possible fighting and language though.

Somethings just aren't what they seemCollapse )

(no subject)
Reverse Ponytail
Who: Atem, Frau
When: Current day (November 14th)
Where: The Garage
What: Atem goes to find Frau, so they can have an overdue discussion
Rating: With the two of them, who knows. No higher than PG-13 though.

Remember kids, use your words.Collapse )
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(no subject)
Who:  Frau, Gray, Mao, Kobato, Arata, Hidan, Bakura, and OPEN
What:  Mattress surfing
Where:  Boy's dorm
When:  Current
Rating:  PG?

W-w-w-w-w-wipe out!Collapse )

Halloween Ball!
Spin the Wheel
Who: OPEN to all
What: The Halloween Ball
When: Halloween evening!
Where: The library, in the Ballroom on the sixth floor

The Ballroom is heavily decorated in honor of the holiday, with much of the ornamentation being very creepy and macabre, of course. Anyone here last year might notice that this year's festivities are not quite so elaborate--but new headmaster is doing his best. Although the decorations only appeared within the past day, the entire room has an old feeling about it--there's a somewhat musty, unused smell and the dark, heavy curtains appear worn. The Ballroom's usual red carpeting and bright lighting are gone, replaced by black and white marble on the floor and a single, ornate (yet heavily cobwebbed) chandelier hanging from the ceiling. Candles bring eerie, flickering light to the rest of the room, dripping wax on the tables, floors, and... other decorations.

What kinds of decorations, you may be wondering? Grand yet rusted suits of armor, weapons hung along the walls, heavy chairs grouped in the corners should anyone begin to feel faint and need a place to rest. There are also a few seemingly random torture devices scattered about--an assortment of light refreshments are set up on a rack at one end of the room, for instance. Everything there is safe to eat or drink... probably.

Of course, this is a Ball and dancing is encouraged. The live music is provided by a small yet talented group of very gaunt-looking individuals. The tempo is kept by a disembodied hand, which rests on a nearby podium and waves one finger in time to the music. When a dapper man in a pinstripe suit and spats takes the floor with his tall, dark, and most definitely handsome wife, it is advised that you give them plenty of space.


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